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"Letter Grafic Shoulder Bag" with our patented Label on it

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€25,90 EUR
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€25,90 EUR
"Letter Grafic Shoulder Bag"

New Collections 2023 

"Letter Grafic Shoulder Bag"

with our patented Label on it

Our new collection 2023 "Letter Grafic Shoulder Bag" ist perfect for this autuum season for everyday! 

Product Information 


  • PU Leather 
  • Polyacryl 


  • Zip closure 
  • Outside pocket with Zip 
  • Our patented metal Label on it
  • 2 handle - long and short 
  • Grafic Design with Letter "M" 
  • Colors 

Gender: Woman 

Style: Tote Bag

Motifs: Grafic letter Design with the letter "M" 

Colors: Black grey mix

Weight: 450g with shipping stuff 

Size 35x15x29cm  /  small handle hight 7cm / long handle hight 15cm

Price: 25,90 Euro incl. tax without delivery costs 


Actual color may be slightly different from the picture due to different monitor and lighting effects. Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement.


  • Liability is excluded for all printing errors and omissions.
  • Supplier assumes no liability for defects. This product was produce by the production companies not from Coronaholic. 
  • We also assume no liability for various allergies that the customer could get.
  • Actual product colors may differ from the colors displayed on your monitor.
  • To check whether the selected textile meets your expectations in terms of type, cut and colour, we recommend ordering a sample.
  • Coronaholic Shop is not responsible for the colour deviations of the textile caused by the manufacturer due to the delivery of another batch of textiles

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