Terms and Conditions - Discount Codes Promotional terms "Discount Code - Newsletter"

Terms and Conditions - Discount Codes
Promotional terms "Discount Code - Newsletter"
I. Foreword
These conditions of the promotion under the name: "Discount Code - Newsletter" define the functionality, the conditions as well as the scope of complaints and the procedure of the promotion, the terms of use and the rights of the persons participating in the promotion as well as the obligations of the organizer ("Promotion conditions "called).
 The organizer of the "Discount Code - Newsletter" campaign ( referred to as "campaign") is Coronaholic Shop with its seat in Bratislava, registered in the commercial register and managed by the local court in Bratislava. Commercial register number 17327398 (referred to as "Coronaholic Shop").
The campaign is carried out via the online shop "CORONAHOLIC Shop" (referred to as "online shop"), which is available at the following URL: https://www.coronaholic.shop
Customers who have received a discount code from Coronaholic Shop can redeem the discount code. The discount is only aimed at people who have subscribed to the online shop's newsletter or who have received a discount code from us.
This discount code can only be used once. Forwarding to other persons without our consent will not be accepted and will be treated illegally.
II. Subject of the discount and conditions for using the promotion: 
The subject of the promotion is the possibility for the customer to use the promotion specified in the promotion conditions. This includes the granting of a discount voucher to the participant of the campaign worth 5 EUR or discounts of 10% from the initial (regular) gross sales price of the products included in the current offer of the online shop during the campaign period (referred to as "discount") .
The promotion does not include discounted products (i.e. products whose price was already reduced before the promotion or products whose price was already covered by vouchers, promotions, discounts or other special prices or product offers).
The value of the purchased products that entitle the holder to claim the discount is at least 15 € gross and applies to products that have not been reduced.
The purchase of products under the promotion does not require any additional costs incurred by the promoter, with the exception of the price of the products subject to the promotion and the costs selected by the customer, including shipping costs).
To take part in the promotion:
 a. subscribe to the newsletter according to the provisions;
 b. read and accept the terms of the promotion;
 c. place an order with a total value of at least 15 EUR gross during the duration of the promotion;
 d. Before you place the order, enter the code received from the Coronaholic Shop on the shopping cart page, which entitles you to the discount. The entry of the code by the action participant after he has placed the order does not entitle him to claim the discount.
The promotion cannot be combined with other promotions, discounts, reductions, advertising campaigns, special prices or product offers that are valid in the online shop, unless the conditions of such a promotion, a discount, a reduction, a special price or a product offer say otherwise.
The discount is granted in such a way that the regular price for the product or the products that were purchased by the campaign participant in the online shop is reduced by the amount of the discount resulting from the full regular product price. The promotion does not include (reduced) the possible shipping costs for products that were purchased in the online shop as part of the promotion and which the promotional participant has to pay in full.
 When purchasing multiple products that are included in the promotion at the same time, the discount will be calculated from the total price of the products purchased as part of the promotion.
During the promotion, each participant may only use the promotion once.
The discount granted by the organizer as part of the promotion cannot be exchanged for cash or other means of payment and is not transferable.
When purchasing products in the online shop, the campaign participant has the right and not the obligation to use the discount.
The promotional participant can use the discount within the specified period of time after receipt under the conditions specified in these promotional terms and conditions.
III. Complaints
Participants in the campaign cannot receive any complaints relating to the campaign. The only exceptions are if the discount code cannot be edited by the customer.
In order to speed up the processing time of the complaint, please provide the first and last name of the campaign participant, the contact details (e.g. email address or telephone number) and a description of the reasons for the complaint.
The campaign participant will be informed about the complaint processing and its result within 14 days by email or in writing.
Complaints are processed by the Coronaholic Shop, in particular taking into account the provisions of these promotion conditions.
 IV. Final provisions
Coronaholic Shop reserves the right to change the conditions of the promotion or the granting of discounts if there is an important reason (closed catalog).
 a. Changes to the legal provisions that regulate the conditions, rules and organization of the campaign and affect the mutual rights and obligations of the Coronaholic Shop and the campaign participants;
 b. Change in the way the action is carried out for technical or technological reasons;
 c. Change of the legal provisions on the sale of products or the provision of electronic services by Coronaholic Shop, influencing the mutual rights and obligations from the contract concluded between the customer and the seller or change in the interpretation of the above provisions due to court decisions, decisions, recommendations or recommendations which are appropriate to the respective area of ​​the offices or institutions;
 d. Change in the type of service provision only for technical or technological reasons (in particular, updating the technical requirements specified in the provisions);
 e. Change in the scope or provision of services to which the provisions of the Regulations apply due to the introduction of new functions or services, their modification or withdrawal by the Seller, which are covered by the provisions.
In the event of a change in the promotion conditions, Coronaholic Shop makes the uniform text of the promotion conditions available by publishing it in the online shop. Changes to the general terms and conditions for promotions apply from the time they are clearly stated and published in the online shop. For discounts that are valid at the time the promotion conditions are changed, the current version of the promotion conditions apply.
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