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"Round Shoulder Bag with Quilted Design"

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€24,90 EUR
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€24,90 EUR


"Round Shoulder Bag with Quilted Design" 

with our patented metal Label on it 


Product Information 

Features & Function:

  • With our patented metal Label on it 
  • Nylon material, mesh and padded design
  • Fashionable, stylish and durable
  • Round Shape with Quilted Design 
  • Quilted Polyester Padded Mesh Shoulder Bag 



Material: Nylon

Size: 39cm / 8cm / 29cm - handle hight 25cm

Shoulder strap: 25cm

Gender: Women 

Number of shoulder straps: One 

Use: Shoulderbag, Handbag 

Luggage shape: Crescent Shape

Closing mode: Zipper 

Pattern: Plain

Occasion: business, daily life, leisure, shopping, travel

Shoulder Strap: Adjustable

Colors: Beige, Black, Pink 

Weight: 360g with shipping stuff 

Price24,90 Euro incl. tax without delivery costs 


Actual color may be slightly different from the picture due to different monitor and lighting effects. Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement.


  • Liability is excluded for all printing errors and omissions.
  • Supplier assumes no liability for defects. This product was produce by the production companies not from Coronaholic. 
  • We also assume no liability for various allergies that the customer could get.
  • Actual product colors may differ from the colors displayed on your monitor.
  • To check whether the selected textile meets your expectations in terms of type, cut and colour, we recommend ordering a sample.
  • Coronaholic Shop is not responsible for the colour deviations of the textile caused by the manufacturer due to the delivery of another batch of textiles

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