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Colorful "Short Mask-Holder" NOW AVAILABLE

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€1,50 EUR

New Collection

Colorful "Short Masks-Holder"


made by CORONAHOLIC Design&Label


Product Information:

  • Rope Face mask adjustable lanyard Extension 
  • Handy Convenient windproof Rope 
  • Rest Ear Holder 
  • Hang On Neck String Hat Lanyard 


  • Please allow an error 1-2cm.
  • Please be kindly noted,the listed product is produced and distributed abroad and subject to the laws of its country of origin
  • The product quality standard is not for medical use! 
  • This product is NOT produced and distributed by us!!


  • Different colors 
  • Practical to use
  • Handsfree if you put your mask off
  • Never search for your mask again 
  • Stylish to combine it to all kind of outfits and to your mask! 

Size: Different lengths, but you can adjustable lanyard extension 


Black, Red, Baby Pink, Yellow, Baby Blue, Beige, Grey, Sand/White, Dark Blue, Dark Pink, White, Orange, Violet, Green, Dark Green, Turquoise

Gender: Adults and School Kids 

Price1,50 Euro incl. tax without delivery cost 

You can combine to order our "Mask Case" or with our "Masks", together! 



  • Liability is excluded for all printing errors and omissions.
  • Supplier assumes no liability for defects. This product was produce by the production companies not from Coronaholic. 
  • We also assume no liability for various allergies that the customer could get.
  • Actual product colors may differ from the colors displayed on your monitor.
  • To check whether the selected textile meets your expectations in terms of type, cut and colour, we recommend ordering a sample.
  • Coronaholic Shop is not responsible for the colour deviations of the textile caused by the manufacturer due to the delivery of another batch of textiles. 


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