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  • "Red&Black" T-Shirts for Ladies.
  • "Red&Black" T-Shirts for Ladies.
  • "Red&Black" T-Shirts for Ladies.
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"Red&Black" T-Shirts for Ladies

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€14,08 EUR
Normaler Preis
€14,08 EUR



made by CORONAHOLIC Design&Label 


Product Information:

Our NEW COLLECTION 2021 "T-Shirts" for LADIES is a V-Neck T-shirt jersey cotton comes with an incomparable style that fits every silhouette. Its curved cut allows a natural elasticity that hugs the body perfectly and makes it a real eye-catcher. It is the perfect piece of clothing to underline your personal style, it gives you a sporty and relaxed look. This t-shirt has the particularity of being easy to adapt to many clothing combinations.

  • It consists of 100% cotton Jersey, is very comfortable to wear and feels pleasantly soft.
  • Tailored CUT
  • V-neck
  • Removable label
  • 100% cotton Jersey 
  • Ring-spun
  • Set-in sleeves
  • Side seams
  • Regular fit
  • 2 colors "Red or Black" with our Label 


Product Type: T-shirts

Gender: Ladies 

Material: 100% cotton Jersey 

Weight: 260 g 

Care properties: washable up to 40 degrees

Sleeve: short-sleeved


Price: 16.90 Euro inkl VAT without shipping cost 

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Size: EU 🇪🇺 S, M, L  



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  • To check whether the selected textile meets your expectations in terms of type, cut and colour, we recommend ordering a sample.
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